Domain and Hosting

What is Domain?

A domain is a referred as a location of a website. Every website has a url or website address like and behind there is a IP (lets say associated with it. It is difficult to remember IP address for all websites as every website url or domain name has its own unique IP.

To remember or recognize a website a particular name is linked with it and that name gives feasibility to remember and access that site. This name is known as Domain name.


Protocol: A set of rules designed to do a specific task.

Sub domain:  This is also known as child domain and known for linking the website in certain places. There are many other sub domains available. We can create a subdomain like

Here mobile is a subdomain created in under TLD (top level domain) i.e

Domain: This is the actual domain created and can be referred as top level domain.

Directory:  This is the place to where the webpages are kept as per the topics.

What is hosting?

As we know Host is someone who entertains or receives guests in a party in real world. It is same as real wold when it comes to IT infrastructure hosting. We can consider host as a server and guest as users or clients.

Server needs a storage where data is kept, similarly when hosting is done then the users or client data get some space in the server storage. The server and the space given to a particular user or client is called host space and the entire process is called hosting.

For creating a website a web hosting is need and will see how to create a simple website. There are many types of web hosting available in the market.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting provides a server and its space which is also shared by some other websites. This is not like your dedicated laptop or desktop which is only used by you. Here the server is shared and the cost too. These kind of hosting solutions are check compared to host a server in a dedicated server. This is good for the people who have just started their business or the website doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

Reseller Web Hosting:

These kind of hosting is done by reselling your hosting space to other people. This contains some additional tools like WHM, billing software and features. You can also make money using this plans and by adding some great benefits in the package.

Cloud Based Web Hosting

Basically these types of hosting done on a different platform which is also known as cloud. Could contains servers, but has option to increase the plan and withstand the traffic if it increases. This works on pay what you use structure and good for growing websites. In case of sudden huge traffic you don’t have to take down your website to change the plan or hosting area.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual private server is a single physical server which acts like a multiple servers virtually. This technology is inspired by virtualization and it is cost effective. This is a good option to for getting a dedicated servers virtually.

Since it is a separate and individual virtual server which is used for only dedicated website hosting or given to one user only. This doesn’t have issue with the over utilization of resources like (CPU, RAM, Network etc.)

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Dedicated Web Server

This is an expensive option to go for. Since it will provide a completely separate dedicated server for your web hosting. This hosting option gives you the highest privilege to access a physical server that you have rented. This is good for established companies. You don’t have to worry about your bandwidth or utilization of server resources since this dedicate yours.

Colocation Web Hosting

In this type of hosting you rent a server rack in one of the data center for keeping your own bought server. Data center will provide other resources to run and maintain the server like power, cooling, physical security and an internet up link. Owner has to be responsible for data, software, backup and the most important hardware failures. This is meant for large business as the initial investment is too big.

Self Service Web Hosting

In this hosting you have to build a small data center. Here you have to purchase your own server, hardware, networking devices, space, cooling system, power, backup and many other things to maintain these devices. The investment is huge and requires good amount of maintenance as well.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress in one of the biggest website/blog building platform and with this platform many other hosting service providers offer this hosting. The word press will be maintained by hosting company and will have some safety protocols for which helps the site from getting compromised. This is also a cost effective option available for new establishments and individuals.

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