Free hosting for website for 1 year

Many people try to create a new website without investing any money. There are many ways you can create a website for free. In this article we will discuss about some cool tricks to get a free hosting for 1 year.

As you know a website cannot be created without a domain or a sub domain. There are websites like WIX, WordPress, and so on which gives you the feasibility to create websites with a new domain name. but that will be under a top level domain. For example if you want to create a website in WordPress with a name, then you will get the website url as as free service. For more information you can also read domain and hosting.

Now a days you can buy / register a domain under any domain registrar companies like godaddy, bigrock, hostgator, Freehosting etc. with a minimum price for 1 full year starting at Rs. 99 only. After buying the domain you have to look for hosting where you can build your website or host it. In most of the websites this services comes as a premium service and it is chargeable. But there are some website which provides free hosting for a year. Freehosting is a free hosting provider site. We will see how to get a free hosting for a year.

Steps to get a free hosting

Once you start to Sign Up it will ask to select the hosting plan. You can select Free Hosting as shown below. You can also see the features which is included in free hosting plan. This is not suitable for the commercial purpose but enough to learn website building and hosting.

free hosting

Once you select the plan then enter your domain name. E.g.

free hostingThen click on use and proceed further. In the next page you will get a pre order summary. Click on continue to proceed again.

free hosting

Finally you will see the checkout page with no charges.

free hosting

After completion of the order you have to validate you email and you have get below screen

free hosting

Above all you will receive an email containing all the details for managing the hosing panel for your website. Once you receive this email you have to login and configure your website further. Below are few steps to configuring a domain.

  1. If you have purchased domain and hosting from same company then no configuration required.
  2. If you have bought domain from a different company then you have to change nameservers logging into domain DNS settings.
  3. Once nameservers are configured then it might take 24-48 hrs to update in DNS.
  4. Once the domain is configured with hosting then WordPress can be installed from hosting cPanel.

free hosting

After installation of the WordPress it will provide a link to configure the web-pages and website. It will be like

Finally the hosting is completed and you can design the website using WordPress site admin link.

This is a very good tutorial for all those who want to know how hosting is done without investing much on hosting. They can understand the core idea of hosting, redirection and name-servers. I hope this article will help people and they can start creating their website and hosting.

Arabindo Biswas

Arabindo is a owner of this website and a server admin by profession. He has deep interest in all technology topics whatsoever.

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