Google Certified Smartphone!!! | How to check?

Google Certified Smartphone

What is google certified smartphone? Well from March 2018, Google has implemented a new policy of allowing the Google apps to work only with the certified devices. This means that if your device is not certified by Google, you won’t be able to use any of the major Google apps.

Your android smartphone should be certified by google to use all apps downloaded from play store properly. This is a another good step taken by Google to make you smartphone more secure from Android OS end.

Even if you download and install these apps on an non-certified device, it will display a message that your device is not certified. It will also not allow you to use these apps.

This certification is done to ensure that these devices use Google apps as outlined by Google. Usually this is taken care of by the device manufacturer when they install the official Android ROM on the device in their factories.

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But if you have installed a custom ROM (like Lineage OS) on your device, then it will not be certified by Google. But how check if your device is certified or not?

Follow the below steps:

First update your google play store app.

Then open the play store app.

Google Certified Smartphone

Locate the option menu and tap on it.

Google Certified Smartphone

Scroll down and look for “Settings

Google Certified Smartphone

Then Scroll down and you will be able to see “Device certification“.

Google Certified Smartphone

If you see your device is listed as Certified then you don’t have to worry about. But if your device is listed as Uncertified, then you may have to take some steps.

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If your “uncertified” device is using official ROM released by the device manufacturer then you should contact the manufacturer support helpline. If you are using a custom ROM, ported ROM or a modified ROM, then you can have your device certified by visiting HERE. Once you visit this site, then enter your device ID and check for further instructions.

If you are unable to find out your device ID then you can refer the link – How to find device ID in Android smartphones?

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