Guide to recover your phone from water

Guide to recover your phone from water

Today smartphones are quite expensive and premium. They are somehow become lifeline of our daily life. Now a days we are less dependent on food but more on our smartphones. If all of a sudden you see your mobile phone falling straight into water, for some time the world stops for you. Whether it’s a pool or a can, you simply know no good thing will leave the following couple of moments. All things considered, that is a cutting edge gadget that is that is might stop working, unless you have one of those magnificent waterproof smart phones, similar to some premium water proof phones. So you dropped your phone or tablet in water or some other liquid? Try not to stress, there is still seek after the device to work. This is a guide to recover your phone from water damage.

It’s valid that more handset creators have moved towards waterproof outlines in the most recent year or two. All things considered, not every one of us have the advantage of a waterproof smartphone and that implies we have to fall back on different techniques. The best strategy for counteracting water damage is keeping your phone secure in a safe place.

So you dropped your phone or tablet in water or some other liquid? Try not to stress, there is still seek after the device to work. There are two distinct strategies relying upon whether you have submerged your device in water or it was something besides water.

Things you should NOT DO

  • Do not turn it ON
  • Do not press any buttons or keys
  • Do not shake, tap or bang the phone
  • Do not blow your phone which might help water to spread inside electronics and might cause more damage.
  • Do not heat it up

Now you need some patience to perform the below steps to recover the phone.

Things Required:

  1. Paper towels
  2. 99+% ISO rubbing liquor (if dropped in sugary liquid)
  3. Silica Gel Packs (favored) or rice
  4. Ziploc pack or some other water/air proof compartment

Stage 1 – Turn off your device promptly!

First of all you have to turn off your phone or tablet as quickly as possible, if the phone is still ON after interacting with the liquid/water. It doesn’t make a difference how you do it. In case that your device has a removable battery, go on and take it out.

In case that you have an iPhone or some other device with a non-removable battery, hold the power button for around 5 seconds and turn your device off. Try not to endeavor to “force shutdown” your device by holding the power button for 10+ seconds. If you press and hold for more than 10 seconds it might restart. Keep reading guide to recover your phone from water.

Stage 2 – Disassemble your device

Guide to recover your phone from water

Once your smartphone/ tablet is completely off then start dismantle everything that you can without applying any additional tool kit or force. Basic things that can be taken out are listed below

  • SIM card plate (the main thing iPhone clients can truly expel)
  • SD card
  • Back cover
  • Battery

Any extras, for example, battery packs and different spreads

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Stage 3 – Keep your device with your screen pointing up

You need to keep your device with your screen pointing up  so that any liquids or dampness  could not touch your screen’s hardware. To diminish the danger of harming your screen in the entire recovery process, keep your screen pointing upwards all through all the following stages. Gravity will work for you and shield more liquid from getting close to your screen. Once more, please ensure that your device of completely turned off!

Stage 4 – What if you have dropped your phone in something besides water

Caution: Do this step very carefully if required.

If you have dropped your device in some other liquid then you have to ensure the internal parts of the phone/tablet are totally free of sugar buildup. To achieve this you should submerge your phone in 99+% ISO rubbing liquor. It is vital to utilize 99% and nothing lower than that. Keep it submerged for 5 to 10 seconds.

Frightened? All things considered, there is extremely no chance to get around it. Your device is brimming with sugar, which implies that it won’t work legitimately after recovery or may even break totally. Remember that rubbing alcohol might make some inside sugar clusters break down.

In case that you don’t have 99% rubbing liquor at home, rushed to a hardware store or drug store and get some quickly.

Stage 5 – Dry with paper towels

Before you proceed towards to the subsequent stage you should expel all liquids on the surface of your phone with a few paper towels. Doing as such will make the subsequent stages more better. You can completely wrap your smart phone with a paper towel firmly and shake it to get more liquid absorbed by the paper towels.

Stage 6 – Get your drying operator

To ensure your device dries totally as quick as could be expected under the circumstances, you should place it into something that will retain all stickiness from its center.

There are two options available which you can use to dry your device:

Guide to recover your phone from water

  • Silica Gel Packs –  preferred, substantially more viable
  • Rice – still works, just not as powerful as Silica

Guide to recover your phone from water

You have to get enough Silica or rice to cover your device totally, from all sides and in a thick layer. More is always better.

Stage 7 – Put the device and drying agent in a water/air proof holder

So now you got enough Silica Packs or potentially rice. What you have to do now is taking a Ziploc pack or some other hermetically sealed holder and place everything (taking your damaged device) in it. Make a point to fill it totally and then seal it.

Stage 8– Wait for at least 48 hours

Truly, 48 hours. I know it’s quite a while, however in the event that you need to recoup your device from water damage you should be quiet. Try not to try and endeavor to turn on your phone sooner than that to maintain a strategic distance from shortcircuits.

Keep in mind: your screen must point upward constantly!

Once fixed, put the entire thing some place dull and dry and keep it at room temperature and seek after your device to work following 48 hours.

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Dropping your device in water or some other liquid isn’t the apocalypse. There is as yet an approach to recoup it from water damage. It is vital to keep it turned off, with the screen pointing upwards. Then putting it totally canvassed in Silica packs or rice for 48 hours in a sealed shut compartment.

In the event that you are perusing this similarly as a preventive measure, make a point to be set up for such an occurrence. You can get enough Silica packs on Amazon. It’s certainly justified regardless of the venture.

Hope this guide to recover your phone from water will help you recover you smartphone up to some extent.

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