How to increase security on iPhone?

If you are carrying an iPhone then you have to be careful. All smartphone user are concerned about their personal data. No one of us want to disclose our photos, messages, videos and other personal data with the whole world. Today losing your phone is something like a disabled person losing his support. As we all know iPhone’s are expensive than most of the android phone. It is a premium class phone and offers good hardware and software combination. Fortunately Apple provides a device-locator tool with all its mobile and laptops. This is called “Find My iPhone” which can help you to figure out where you left your phone. In this article we will see How to increase security on iPhone?

How to increase security on iPhone?

If you own an iPhone or your friends, relatives or family members own an iPhone, then you should share this iPhone security guide with them to safeguard from getting hacked. So I am going to share some tips which will help iPhone users to know how to increase security on iPhone.

Always Set Complex Passwords

Setting up a complex password is the best security practices for keeping you mobile phone safe. This is one of the simple and easy security mechanism. It is always advisable to have a complex password combination. Now a days it is required to put finger print and a numerical/ alphanumeric password while setting up your iPhone.

Follow the steps below

Go to settings and tap on Touch ID and passcode

Tap on Change Pass code if you have any existing pass code

Enter Old passcode

Now tap on Pass code Option

Now you will get other pass code options and select one

Delete Deleted Photos Completely

If you are an iPhone user then you must be knowing about Recently Deleted folder in Photos? When you delete any photo on your iPhone then it doesn’t get deleted completely in fact it moves to Recently Deleted Folder. So, in order to clean the deleted photo completely you must delete it from Recently Deleted folder.

Just follow these simple steps, Select the photo which you want to delete and delete it.

Then go to Recently Deleted folder


Then tap on Select to select the photo

recently deleted

Now Select the photo from top right corner

select the photo

Tap on Delete and you can see it will be deleted completely.

DON’T Upload Photos on iCloud

Anything which is kept online is at risk. It is better to keep the things offline and take regular backups. You should stop uploading your personal photos on iCloud. iCIoud is a cloud storage technology where pictures are stored over a network based storage. If iCloud gets hacked then all your personal pictures and videos are at stake. And I am sure that nobody want to share their personal photos and videos with entire world.

Here are the steps to safeguard you favorite personal photos and videos. By default this option is enable in iPhone but if you want to stop your photos to be uploaded on iCloud then follow these steps.

Go to Settings-> iCloud->Photos->iCloud Photo Sharing -> Disable it

Tap on iCoud

Tap on Photos

Side iCloud Photo Sharing and turn off

You will get below message

Disable My Photo Stream to Stop Photos Sync

My Photo Stream is the setting which is enabled on iOS devices by default. It syncs your all your iPhone photos in iCloud. It will only sync the images when you are connected with internet. If you disable this option then you can help yourself to from getting your photos uploaded to iCloud.

Go to Settings >> iCloud >> Photos >> Turn Off My Photo Stream

Always keep lock screen notifications OFF

No matter you keep complex passwords but even the strongest password won’t prevent your data from being revealed if it appears on a locked screen. Messages, emails, and other information in your apps can contain some sensitive data like confirmation codes, private appointments, financial data, etc. The less these messages reflect on your iPhone’s  locked screen, the more safer your data will be. It won’t allow any stranger to just peep in to your information showing up on a lock screen.

Go to “Settings” –> “Notification” –> “Show previews” section.

Always Enable 2-step verification

it’s highly recommended that you always set up two-step verification mechanism whenever it’s available for any email or cloud services. While setting up your two step verification it will ask for a mobile number in which it will send a confirmation code while login. This makes the login even more secure and trusted in a new device. This requires a password and a verification code while logging in to any apple ID. It will always prevent your Apple account from being misused by someone who is not authorized.

Go to –> “Manage your Apple ID” –> “Password and Security” –> “Two-Step Verification”.

Keep Siri Disabled on a locked screen

SIRI understands voice commands but not exactly owners voice. Siri can give away some information that you would prefer to keep confidential and secure. It’s not necessary to turn it off completely, but you will be much more secure if you prevent it from activating from a lock screen or on a “Hey Siri” voice command. It will help to eliminate the possibility of data extraction from the smartphone using Siri.

Go to “Settings” –> “Siri & Search” –> “Allow Siri when locked” and make it OFF

Disable automatic WiFi connections to open networks

Connecting automatically with WIFI hotspot is a good intelligent option. But it can be a security threat if not observed carefully. iPhones have a very good feature which allows you to automatically connect to known WiFi hotspots without users intervention. On the one hand, this is a very useful option, as you don’t need to do anything to switch from mobile Internet to local WiFi. But on the other hand it can be a trap. In this scenario you might not even recognize that your iPhone is working within the malicious WiFi network, giving away all of your data to the scammer. That’s why it is recommend that to be very aware of every WiFi hotspot you are in, or turn this option off. i will help you to avoid to get connected to  malicious wireless network.

Go to “Settings” –> “WiFi” –> “Ask to join networks: ON”

Don’t allow apps to access your contacts, photos, messages and other private data

This option is quite different from others but has a good impact on security measures. If you allow to access your personal details by apps where it is not required the your data might be tracked or compromised. For example, if you install a third party keyboard app you must give it full access to everything you are typing. This is really not secure to you. Always download apps from apple app store for security and non malicious activity. This will help you to keep out of getting track by big companies.

Go to “Settings” –> “Privacy”

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