Lost your Android Smartphone? How to track it?

In today’s world we are blessed with many different types of electronics gadgets, on which we are heavily dependent. Smartphone is among one of them which has a big contribution in our day to day life to make it easy. But if this smartphone is stolen or lost then what??? Yes, Today we are going to discuss about how we can find a lost or stolen smart phone.

There are many smart phone manufacturers across the globe but we can differentiate them easily based on mobile operating systems. Android based smart phones are used by 67% of people and iOS based smart phone is 32% across the globe. So today we are going to talk about these two widely used smartphones and how to find them if they are lost.

How to find a lost or stolen Android Phone?

There are 2 ways to track you lost phone. You can log on to Google Find My Device with the help of a browser in a computer or a PC. You can also download Google Play Protect app from google play store in any other android smartphone. Using these two options you can track your smartphone and hopefully you can get it back.

Using a PC or Laptop:

Get your computer and open a browser and go to google. Type in Find My Phone or you can directly go to next step.

find my device google

Go to https://www.google.com/android/find and it will ask you to login with the mail id which was configured on your phone.

Once you are logged in the you can see the Model of your mobile and it will start tracking. After sometime it will be find out the last location in case the mobile is switched off.

There will be two options Play Sound and Enable Lock & Erase

Play Sound: This option will start ring the phone in the highest volume for 5 min, even if your phone was in silent mode.

Enable Lock & Erase : Please be careful before enabling this feature. This will lock and erase your entire phone data. This helps in avoiding you phone data to be misused.

Using an Android Phone:

If you don’t have a computer or laptop handy, then you can use Find My Device app.

If you have a secondary Android phone or tablet with you, then install this app. Once installed Click on Open.

It will allow you log in with a quick tap if you are on your own secondary phone, but it also give an option of a guest login if you’re using someone else phone. Use your email address which was configured in your lost or stolen phone.

Once you successfully login you can read the terms and condition and accept them.

Then you will get two options to work on as shown below

The above option have already been discussed above. Once you’ve accessed Find My Device through any of these methods, you can try to track your lost android phone.

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If you see the phone is completely lost and there is no chance to recover it then you can completely wipe the device with the “erase” command. This will enable the factory reset in the device, erasing all of your personal data, pictures, music, and all other stored files.

This option might try to wipe all the data present in your SD card depending on smartphone manufacturer. But once you initiate erase command then Find My Phone will not work at all. You will completely lose your phone.

Tracking your lost phone with these methods has limitations as well. If your phone is stolen and you have not kept a password protected lock screen and if the thief performs a factory reset, then you can’t get your phone back. The phone will no longer have your Google Account, so Google has no way of tracking it. If your phone runs out of battery before you can track it, or the thief turns it off, then Find My Device will try to provide the last verified location.

All the above steps will help you to track your phone and if everything goes well then you can get it back too. So never lose hope, initiate the above process as early as possible to get back your smartphone.


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