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Science and technology has given us many useful and life changing devices. Mobile is one of them which has become a lifeline these days. We are highly dependent on these devices. We are also using mobile phones to access out personal data in our day to day life. If we see the advantages of using a mobile phone its huge. But talking about mobile security issues have become more important than using it.

What is Mobile Security?

Every day we all are using mobile phones but we are not aware of the risks involved in it. Now a days if your mobile is lost or stolen then your personal data like text messages, contacts are in risk. Even though if your phone is not stolen or lost still it is vulnerable. If you access internet from your phone and you have kept sensitive data in it then you are in the edge of risk. In this article we will discuss about different steps to safe guard your mobile phone and the data present in it. We’ve compiled some key concerns and outlined the ways in which you might be putting yourself at risk. And to ensure that you don’t become one of the users that are being targeted by malicious app.

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Steps for securing your smart phone

Mobile security has become a matter of concern these days. It is very important to stay updated about cyber security and mobile security since mobile and internet have become our core lifeline. Below are some tips which can help you to protect yourself, your sensitive data and your mobile phone.

Use Passwords

Always lock your phone with a password locking mechanism. Put a timer of at least 15sec or 30sec so that it can get automatically locked in you absence. You can also use a pattern lock but it is security breach prone mechanism.

Avoid installing 3rd party apps from unknown sources

If you are using a Android phone then you have an option to install a 3rd party app from unknown sources. But if you’re using  an iPhone, you don’t have any option to install apps from unknown sources. Most of the people can’t differentiate between a trusted app and and malicious app. So it is always good to install apps from Google play store or iPhone app store.

Encrypt your phone

Always keep your phone encrypted. If you are using sensitive information like banking or corporate confidential emails then encrypting your phone will help you to keep the data safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. Remember by default smartphones doesn’t come with this feature enabled, you have to enable this manually.

Update Regularly

Most of the people don’t update their smartphone OS or apps which makes the phone more vulnerable and easy to exploit. Updating apps and OS makes your phone more secure. Remember updates are released when the application owner observes any bug or vulnerability. Updating the apps will closes the loop holes in your device.

DON’T Root or Jailbreak

Some smartphone owners root or jailbreak their smart phones which is absolutely wrong and it is complete breach of security. Smart phone manufacturers keep certain features under security protocols. Rooting your phone makes it more vulnerable.

Public WIFI safety

These days we get free WIFI facilities in railway stations. clubs, airports which is used by many people in the same time. These hot-spots are not that secure. So it is better to avoid sending any kind of personal, sensitive information over these networks. It is also advisable not to make any banking transactions. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to encrypt data which can be transmitted over these insecure networks.

Enable Remote Erase and avoid Spoofing/Phishing

If your mobile is stolen or lost then set up remote erase feature in you smartphone. This feature enable you to erase all of its data remotely and avoid the data from being misused. You can also use location feature to track your lost phone’s location.

There are many techie who’s intention is to collect your banking and personal details by sending a trap email or text message. These are also known as phishing email or phishing message. later on they can use these details to buy things or misuse the information where you can be in deep trouble. Do not click on any links or attachments which is sent over the email from a unknown person or organization.

Backup your phone data

This is one of the best option to be safe in terms of loosing the data with phone. Use your personal laptop or any trusted cloud service to keep your phone data. You can also encrypt the data for making it more secure.

Above tips can help your to protect your mobile and data from getting misused. If you are missed any of these steps then its high time to get it secured. Today a smart phone is not only a phone but it has many more critical information stored. We all should be very proactive about mobile security.

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