What is VPN? | How to be anonymous on Internet

In other words a Virtual Private Network is a connection method that enables security and privacy to private and public networks. This includes public WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.
VPN’s are widely used in corporate world. This helps to protect confidential data which is accessed by its employees over internet.
However, use of personal VPN services are increasing and becoming more popular. This is happening because VPN’s grant users unrestricted access to the internet, while keeping their privacy isolated.

How VPN works?

Virtual Private Network creates a secure tunnel between the users machine and the network which the user is trying to connect. Through VPN  user’s initial IP address is interchanged with one IP address provided by  the Virtual Private Network provider.

Users can download VPN application as per their platform like Windows, Linux, MAC, Android or iOS. These applications are available for free and you can buy some premium services as well.

what is vpn

A user can get an IP address form the gateway of the VPN service providers. For an instance you are residing in Germany but in VPN you have selected New York or any other city which is listed in your VPN application.

This technology is widely used among corporate people as well. Virtual Private Network uses one to create a secure “tunnel” into a organizations network to provide access to private and confidential systems. This also helps users to browse with security.

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Why use a VPN?

Using VPN you do some good changes which will help you to secure your search data and secure your identity over internet.

  • You can hide your IP address: Once you are connected to a VPN network then it will change your IP address.
  • Access blocked websites: You can access website which are blocked by governments (Not Advisable).
  • Manipulate your IP address: You get an option to choose IP address based on different regions .
  • Encrypt data transfers: A Virtual Private Network has ability to secure your data even if you transfer it over public WiFi.
  • Hiding your location: With a VPN, users get an option to choose a region across the world based on the availability from VPN service provider.

Best free VPN for PC

Best VPN for Android

You can also use TOR browser which has integrated free VPN service. It reroutes your IP address more than twice.

Limitations of VPN

VPN is not 100% secure. There are a few limitations to it.

Being Anonymous

Users can’t be sure that they are 100% anonymous over internet. The browsing history is available in the VPN server and the VPN provider has the ability to see it.

Slow Speed

When you connect to a VPN service, the speed gets reduced. This is ue to encryption and security of the data. The speed also depends upon the distance between users location and the VPN provider. The longer the distance the slower the connection.

Limitations in mobile devices

VPNs do not provide data security for smartphone and touchscreen mobile devices. You should select a VPN provider that provides cross-platform support for mobile devices as well.

Insufficient infrastructures for Some VPN Providers

If the number of servers are less with VPN service providers then you might experience slowness in the speed.

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